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Brittanya Razavi: The Richest Web Entertainer in the world Net worth and biography



Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya is popularly known for her Instagram slaying, she is an American, she is born on 7th  July 1985  she is the biggest social media model and entertainer, she is commonly known for posting semi nude pic and video clips, she is a mother of two kids.

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Brittanya had her initial name as Brittanya O’Campo, she was said to have a very tough childhood, she did’nt felt that parenthood, at her year 15 her father was send to prison, despite that she never give up she have to fend for herself, and she was also send to prison for six month for an alleged assault, for this she decide to put more effort to become somebody.

Brittanya who is the role model to other social media model and she has a lot of fans base on Facebook, twitter, and also Instagram, Brittanya combine business and modeling which maker of the richest social media entertainer, she has perform in a reality show called “Rock of Love Bus” and “Charm School” this gave her more fame and she been feature in popular magazines.

Britanya is to worth $6 million she is the ambassador for Fashion Nova, and brand ambassador for Bang Energy Drink, she is said to develop her own clothing line name I87 Avenue, she model for other business and popular magazine which earn her money, of recent she launch her own website

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